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It has been a while, but the manor is a clean, fun, and completely consent-based haven for open-minded individuals. 


I had the pleasure of attending brave manner 2 years ago. I had taken my baby girl there at her request for her 50th.

She wanted a gb.

We didn't know what to expect, I'm a very happy to see how clean it was with a supply of condoms boobs wet wipes towels etc. It's a very difficult thing to put on, I can't imagine how many things could go wrong. As my baby girls spotter, I stayed with her and made sure that everybody followed the rules. I can be assertive that way and I was absolutely going to protect her against anything. But there really wasn't any problems. 

She had a lot of cocks that night, sometimes I held her hand sometimes I watched  sometimes I would kiss her and whisper how is she doing and how does it feel. It was quite done. I also spotted for another girl there who didn't have a guy with her. I like the idea that each lady has a piece of paper there with the rules. Such as be respectful,

condoms, no anal, condoms for vagina and oral etc etc.

I was also happy to see there was no drugs or alcohol. That screws up everything if that was to occur.

But in a nutshell I was very happy her and I even stayed there that night and rented a room.

So well done Brave Manor, thumbs up to you guys.

I've been out of the loop because of covid but I hope to get back and I'd like to attend more of your events. So please keep me on your email list an updated on what's coming up. You guys are the best and very good at what you do.

I'm unfortunately not with my baby girl anymore, but I can't wait to find the lady who would like to go and experience this and feel comfortable with it and with me watching over her and guarding her and making sure that it's done and respectful man.

Cj. Aka Rumble18


I have attended over 60 events, and completely un-equivocally have never seen any incidence of misconduct. Orientations are provided, demonstrations are safe and consentual, and the gear is safe and sanitized. This means a lot since I'm not particularly close with the owner, and attend MVK and many other events amd ahve about 60 verified friends on fetlife who will safe I'm safe. But the truth must be told. I have spent over 240 hours at this establishment and never, even once, witnessed anything which in any way violated consent or was inappropriate. The owner has never been anything but responsible. I usually don't like to get involved in these disputes but this is so one sided that I eventually felt my conscience had to say something.


In fact I have seen more consent violations at MVK and various other private events. The shibari demonstrations were all professional, well done and done by consenting people being tied and riggers.

In fact I never saw Bravemn interact with any women besides the ones he was in a relationship with, who were very consenting and enthusiastic.


Like I said, I really dont talk to him often or are close with him, but I've seen him a lot, and there's no way you think I'm well known in MVK and all across but have never mentioned anything for fear of reprisal...he's never been anything but appropriate and consenting with all involved... and I'm not one of the old people who will say anything to protect him, there's nothing to protect this whole process was a witch hunt,


Have used the space for years. Braven is respectful and attentive with the home. I find him to be a generous host, I look forward to more amazing times ??

Adi Best experience of my life.

As a newly landed Canadian, you’ve helped me feel at home and introduced me to a wider perspective.

I look forward being part of your future events soon.
Alpha_instinct I've never seen or heard of until this, of any issues with braven manor or the lord himself. The friday party was my very first time ever exploring a kink or anything bdsm related. I felt at home. The kindness, the involvement, the rules and the guidance were nothing short of exceptional add above what I would ever had expected. They have helped me through my journey both in my bdsm life and even personal life when I was down and out. Lord Braven and the manor he resides at and hosts has to be one of the kindest, most empathetic, sympathetic, generous, knowledgeable, and strong as a leader in guidance and nobility that I've ever met bdsm alike and aside. For what it is worth, testimonial backed %100 by alpha_instinct.

FuckingSexy I have been going to Braven Manor for years and I am happy to say that it is the only venue in Vancouver that is a professional, well kept enviroment for Kinksters to enjoy a space for parties and private events, where one can feel safe and secure.

I am familiar with other kink venues in Vancouver that are cliques and mean spirited groups and spread false rumors filled with lies only to accomodate their insecurities.

Braven Manor for me is the only kink club in Vancouver that has high standards of professionalism and is run by people who have a high regard for doing things right in every way.

This is a highly respectable and ethical club for all to enjoy safely.
J Being new to the community I appreciated the orientation and tour of the property. I found Braven Manor to be relaxed, welcoming and a safe place. I don't attend as often as I would like to, but I hope Fridays will always be open for the get togethers.

- J
I have attended Braven Manor many times for gatherings, parties, events, demonstrations and private functions and always found it to be a safe and trustworthy environment where boundaries were respected and after care was a priority.

The nature of BDSM is edgy to say the least and I am grateful to Lord Braven for providing a comfortable secure place to play and socialize.
CMS I have always been made to feel welcome here, been a regular off and on for a number of years. Staff are accommodating and easy to approach.

One of the few venues that doesn't discriminate against single men, but rather deals with problematic individuals on a case by case basis... and perhaps that's part of where all the accusations stem from. If you are in competition with another venue who is taking the time to offer something you aren't willing to take the time to provide as well, it's easy to save face by spreading stories about that group. Whatever the case, I know from my own experiences that the things I have heard don't ring true to what I have witnessed myself.
travelvixxxen We had a fantastic experience with Lord Braven a few years ago at Braven Manor. He was very deliberate about obtaining consent and tailoring the scene for my comfort, limits, and desires. I definitely hope to visit again soon!
Sara Braven Manor, Braven and his hosts are warm, inviting and supportive.

I do believe some event organizers do not like competition.


"When I am not in the room,
they told me the truth;

When I am in the room and see the truth,
they told me what happened,
they told me,
'trust us' and do not trust yourself.
trust us or be an asshole" - Unknown

Your hotly,

Sara (They/Them)
Will Braven has always been a good place. Well equipped and hosted, stocked with safety monitors...
J Braven's Manor was the first kink event I ever attended, I remember his house, and himself being warm and inviting, I decided to return many times over the course of about 2 years, so much that I would spend time tidying up when needed.

I remember I was broke one month, and I went to Seann to ask him for a small loan of a few hundred dollars. He told me he would think about it, and not 15 minutes later came back and handed me the money from his wallet. When I came back to repay him, I asked him if I could have an extension on the loan, but that I was also willing to pay him back right then, and he was generous enough to give me that extension.

I honestly think Seann has given me every single thing I have asked him for, whether that is a short loan, a night on a couch, and the occasional meal.

The last time I saw Seann it was at his wedding, shortly after he got married where I was forced to cut my ties with Braven Manor. Now that I am able to I will be repairing those ties, simply because I feel terrible for cutting those ties, I have never been wronged by Seann, he opened me into his life with open arms, and I slammed it in his face, doing that to someone as kindhearted as Seann is something that I think about every week, and won't be doing for much longer.
Truth Hi Lord Braven, I've known you for many years and even had dinner dates with you and yours. In the many years I have played in your Dungeon both as a player and as a DM not playing of course. Braven Manor is a well run play space and I have never seen anyone harmed in any why. I believe some events attack your event because they don't like your competition? You are very skilled at what you do and put on great events.

You have my support, my family and I will have your back. Take care!
I loved the place!

I think that if humans were more open to see sexuality as something normal, beautiful and playful, this world could have way less frustrated and angry people.

I went there with an ex partner for an educational session unfortunately only once, as I live near downtown, so I haven't had the chance to go more often and I think no one is abusive or forcing you to do anything you don't want to do.

If you go with your "Dom" he is the only one and only if you want, who will do to you whatever is previously agreed.

I was new to the kink world and everyone was respectful, courteous and willing to explain what is happening in there. I didn't feel unsafe or ashamed at any time. Of course if you are new, it might be "shocking" but after a while you see people enjoying.

People I saw that day were already adults who know why they go and what for...

I only went one time and I loved there is a place in Vancouver like this one.

No one judged me, I felt sensual, safe and accepted.

I hope there would be more places like this "little Disneyland for adults". You can make your fantasies come true in a safe and respectful environment. If you don't like something you just say it before something happens, unless you let it happen of course.

And if you are a single woman and go there, get naked, drink, stay the night and don't control yourself, well, maybe you might find someone you don't know who will take you that way if you are not careful but as long as I know the guys in charge of the place are patrolling around and you can always reach them or ask for directions.

It is a non profit place and I think the donation for what they offer is really, really good for a Jacuzzi time and great safe and erotic fun!!

It is unfortunate that some people in Vancouver are against these kind of places, because obviously there is "smart people" or I would say abusive people, who always try to take advantage of organizations and local businesses, by using lawyers for everything or by making up stories to close a place... Shame on them! Really!... they just hurt the local economy and locals by having these "dirty practices".
TS I just wanted to share my support and appreciation towards you and your supportive members and club.

I was approached really respectfully and felt very welcome during my introduction to the house and the regulars / team.

I was new and was taken in as a new friend. I never experienced anything good or bad with my visit, but from all of my time there I felt very comfortable and respected as an equal by everyone.

I really enjoyed my small conversations as a newcomer and felt very comfortable and welcome as a self-conscious person. Major brownie points!

I appreciated the tour of the facility from the beautiful hosts. I have nothing bad to say about my experience at the Braven Manor and feel appreciated to be welcomed as a friend. I really liked how friendly everyone was.
NR Lord Braven was a mentor to me. He demonstrated nothing but respect throughout my time with Him. From the negotiation contract, my orientation to our play sessions: I always felt completely safe in the Manor. My experiences with Him showed me that there is a wonderful community that supports, educates, counsels and embraces the kink lifestyle.

I will forever cherish my time at the Manor with Lord Braven.
RedTaraKurukulle I have been to two events at the Lord Braven Manor. It is a lovely home in a safe neighbourhood and everyone there is friendly and inviting. I felt comfortable and welcome and safe. I am very pleased that there is a safe and comfortable venue for adult playtime, especially for women. I hope to see Braven Manor thrive for many years in Vancouver Kink scene.
Venessa My experiences at Braven Manor have always been very enjoyable. I felt included and safe. I hope to, in the New Year, continue my patronage of this and other fine fun establishments in the Lower Mainland.
Bonita232 As a newbie to the kink scene I was anxious on how to enter the community. Out of all the events i attended Braven's was one of my favourites. I have found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming, and have made connections that continue outside of the house! I also have never felt unsafe, Lord Braven and the house helpers and even the experienced regulars are very friendly and keep an eye that things are safe. I often suggest to new people looking to go to events to come and check out the Manor
Ricardo Scipio I had the privilege of being able to present My Sex Goddess Project at the Braven Manor last week. Lord Braven has been very supportive of my work and I appreciated to opportunity to interact with his community for the first time.

The atmosphere and people were friendly and engaged. I was very impressed with the physical layout of Braven Manor and how professionally everything is run there.

I am not a very social person by nature, so crowds and events aren’t usually my thing but I enjoyed my time there and would go again.
Bimbeaux Lord Braven was notably welcoming to me attending a kink event while presenting as female for the first time and I deeply appreciated it. I stayed over for the evening in the Red Room and overall had a fabulous time.
CKZane I have appreciated Lord Braven and the manor as a safe, secure venue. A private place to meet and enjoy intimacy with friends.
Jamie Roy Braven Manor is a nice place for fellow kinksters to hang around, Braven`s intention is to serve the community, and provide a safe place for all kinksters. I love this place, and its openness to all type of people. I`ll never stop going there. And I`ll donate extra next time I am there at an event.
Furry Mouse Maid I have been a casual visitor for some time.
I have felt comfortable during my visits, and the staff have been very accommodating, allowing me to complete my unique kink.
congoman Visited the parties many times.
Truly awesome!!
Roxy-Wolfie Ive been a Long Time attending Kinksters of Braven Manor & never had any troubles while at The Home. I've always felt my voice is Validated. If I felt uneasy about another attendee the issue was dealt with promptly. So to anyone who is scared on mere rumours, Braven Manor is very LGTBQ Supportive and Safe to All who who seek out diverse and inclusive Events.
Samantha I have been to the manor many times and feel like i know Lord Braven personally
I also feel like if there was no manor, i would still be ashamed of my inner kinky girl.


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