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Explore your sexuality in an intimate, friendly environment
Policies and Rules

Consent Culture  More Details

At Braven Manor we maintain a Consent Culture where everything has to be agreed upon by all parties.

We use the FRIES definition for consent:

  • Freely given – There must be no pressure, force or manipulation of any kind.

  • Revocable – Anyone can change their mind at any time, for any reason (or no reason!).

  • Informed - All parties must know exactly what they are consenting to

  • Enthusiastic - Everyone should be excited and interested in what is happening

  • Specific – Every individual act requires consent, every time

If you are not certain you have your partner’s consent, you don’t!

What is a consent violation?

A consent violation is any deviance from pre-negotiated activities that is deemed by either party to be distressing. If your activities do not adhere to the principles of FRIES, there is a strong likelihood that consent is being violated.

Consent violations reported to Braven Manor


For all other incidents, if a consent violation is reported to Braven Manor, the incident will be processed as follows:

  1. Information will be gathered from all parties and eyewitnesses in private.

  2. The violator will be educated about the problem and warned about any future incidents.

  3. Repeated problems with a violator will result in the violator being banned from Braven Manor.

  4. The victim will be supported within our capabilities and as the victim desires. Braven Manor will assist with finding and contacting kink-friendly counsellors and/or forensic nurses. We will also assist in making a police complaint as desired, and fully cooperate with any investigation that may ensue.
Age (19+)

This policy applies to: (i) guests at Braven Manor events, and (ii) guests booking space for private use.

All guests at Braven Manor must be nineteen (19) years of age or older. All guests at Braven Manor are required to provide proof of age before attending any event or booking space for private use.

Guests booking space for private use are responsible for ensuring that anyone they bring to the Manor is 19+.

Age verification documents must clearly display: (i) name, (ii) date of birth, and (iii) photo. The following documents will be accepted:

Driver’s Licences
BC ID Cards
Permanent Resident Cards

At Braven Manor’s discretion, other forms of identification may be accepted, provided they display the required information listed above.

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COVID-19 Risks/Restrictions

April, 2022

All covid restrictions will be followed per provincial health authorities.

Guests can make their own decisions and may ask questions in regards to Covid risks, including vaccination proof.

Check to see if you are a risk to others

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STI Testing

Guests can make their own decisions and may ask questions in regards to STI risks, including recent test results. is a service of the BCCDC, is totally anonymous and requires no doctor visit. It often takes a week to get results and might require picking up the results in person.

Sample Results

LifeLab tests are usually available online the next day. These require a doctor's requisition (ask for recurring tests every three months for two years).

Sample Results

Please take the time to educate yourself and be sure to ask others about STIs as well as being open about your own status.

Here are just a few excellent resources:

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Substance Use Policy

No guest may sell alcohol, cannabis, or any other mind-altering substance to other guests while at Braven Manor.


Alcoholic beverages are not provided or sold by Braven Manor. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages and may consume them in small quantities. For safety reasons, alcohol should not be consumed, even in small quantities, prior to play.


Cannabis is not provided or sold by Braven Manor. Guests are welcome to bring and consume their own cannabis in small quantities. Any guest showing signs of impairment will be asked to leave the property. For safety reasons, cannabis should not be consumed, even in small quantities, prior to play.

Illegal Substances

No illegal drugs or other mind-altering substances are permitted at Braven Manor. Possession or use of any substance other than alcohol or cannabis will result in immediate removal from the property.


Any guest showing signs of intoxication will be asked to leave the property. We're happy to call you a cab or let you sleep over ($20 per person). We're not so happy if we see you getting into the driver's seat and have alerted police in the past.

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  1. Volunteering: Events only happen with the support of volunteers. It's also a way to pay for admission. If you would like to help, please offer.

  2. Most bring very little in the way of valuables into the party. There are small lockers in the basement laundry area with locks.

  3. The cost of entry to a party where sex acts may happen only covers the cost of entry. There is no guarantee of sex.

  4. Sex is not for sale at events.

  5. Alcohol and cannabis are ok in small quantities. Hard drugs or inebriation are grounds to be asked to leave.

  6. If you're new to Braven Manor, the experienced folks will be keeping an eye out and will caution you if you make a protocol mistake. For instance, you must always ask before touching and be polite even if the person declines.

  7. The Manor is a place to learn, so feel free to ask questions (just don't interrupt scenes).

  8. Take care to keep the Manor tidy and clean.
  9. Closed Door Policy

    1. If a door to a room is open, you are welcome to watch the activities inside or politely ask if you may join in.

    2. If a door is closed, do not disturb by entering, knocking, or otherwise interrupting.


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Proper Cleaning

  1. You will find a spray bottle of Cavicide disinfectant and a roll of paper towels in every room. Proper use on equipment, toys, etc. includes:
    1. wipe off any fluids (sweat, body oils, etc.)
    2. use a very light spray
    3. wait two minutes – CRITICAL!!!
    4. wipe off
    5. avoid getting on skin
    6. DO NOT use on leather. Simply wipe down with a water-moistened paper towel.

  • Cleaning prior to a session is advisable, but your decision. Cleaning up after a session includes:
    1. placing used sheets and towels into hamper (downstairs washroom) or laundry baskets.
    2. spraying with Cavicide all equipment and other surfaces that have been touched except leather toys and wiping down surfaces after two minutes.

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    Revised April 2022

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