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Explore your sexuality in an intimate, friendly environment
Swinger Policies and Rules

General Rules
  1. Guests must be 19+ to attend.

  2. These are parties where sex may occur. There is no guarantee that you will have any particular sexual experience, or any sex at all.

  3. Use of any mind-altering substances such as alcohol or cannabis must be done in accordance with the Braven Manor Substance Use Policy

  4. Our events are pansexual. We welcome all genders and sexualities.

  5. Other than the 19+ requirement, we do not screen guests for any physical characteristics such as beauty, height, weight, age, etc.

  6. If a door to a private room is closed, do not disturb the occupants. Do not knock, do not enter. If a door to a room is open, you may respectfully ask the occupants if you may join them.


  1. All activities must adhere to our Consent Policy.

  2. Anything that is not a clear YES is a NO. If you are unsure whether you have your partner’s consent, you don’t.

  3. Use “No” and your safewords freely. If you hear your partner use their safeword, stop immediately and check in.

  4. Do not touch anyone without prior permission.

  5. The house safeword is “SAFEWORD”. If Braven Manor organizers hear a guest say “safeword”, and we do not see an appropriate response from the guest’s partner, we will intervene to ensure everyone is safe.

  6. Photography is allowed provided everyone in the picture consents. If you are taking pictures or video, it is your responsibility to ensure that no one else is captured in the image. A formal model release is recommended.
Gangbang Rules

  1. Gangbangs are open to single men, single Women, couples, polycules, heterosexual guests, and LGBTQ+ guests.

  2. If gangbangs interest you, it's critical that you read the detailed guidelines.
Swinger Event Rules

  1. This event is open to single Women, and couples/threesomes with at least one Woman in the group. All men and other non-woman individuals must be accompanied by a Woman.

  2. Just what is the "swinging" lifestyle?

    Good question.

    The short version: People get together, predominantly couples but also singles, with the intent of finding compatible sexual partners for an evening. Everything is consensual and negotiated. Sex may be in a group or private environment.

  3. Educational Links:

    Here's a general description of the "swinger lifestyle".

    Getting started

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    Swinging With Safety

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