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Hot Tub Rules

  1. Rinse in the shower before getting into the hot tub. Be clean and without soap residue.  This is not optional!

  2. DO NOT ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE. It takes over an hour for any changes to take effect. 

  3. Do not overflow or remove water  

    • 600 lb Maximum capacity 

    • Spilling water rots the  floor

    • If the water level is too low after everyone gets out, the heater can be damaged because the filter intake is above the water line. If you see water spill or notice that the water level is low, inform Braven Manor organizers immediately.

  4. Do not introduce any foreign substances – bodily fluids (so NO FUCKING), drinks, glass, etc. 

  5. Close the lid if you’re the last ones out 

  6. RESPECT the hot tub monitors (yellow wrist bands) and Braven Manor organizers 

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