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Explore your sexuality in an intimate, friendly environment

My Commitment as a Friend of Braven Manor

Please check each item to show your agreement.

1. I will follow all the Rules and help maintain the Manor as a home away from home.

2. I understand that events do not have insurance specifically covering events and that activities at events can be inherently risky.

3. I understand that Braven Manor is not responsible for any injuries or infections I may acquire while at Braven Manor.

4. As a TOP or BOTTOM, I commit to negotiating scenes wisely and adhering to those negotiations. I will be particularly careful with novice players.

5. If a novice, I acknowledge the wisdom of playing with a spotter (whether either a friend or a Braven Manor organizer) or in a public area where others are watching.

6. As a TOP or BOTTOM, if I am uncomfortable with anything,especially if I believe my consent has been violated, I will report it promptly to a Braven Manor organizer.

7. I acknowledge my responsibility to keep myself safe, my play partners safe, and Braven Manor safe.

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