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Explore your sexuality in an intimate, friendly environment
Resources for Master/slave Dominant/submissive Relationships

A. Starting Out

1. Definitions of the types of submission doc pdf rtf

2. How Subs Can Nurture Their Doms doc pdf rtf

B. Requesting to be Accepted as a Slave

1. One Slave's Profile doc pdf rtf

2. Assignments for Prospective Slaves to Complete doc pdf rtf

3. Expectations and Regulations for Slavery doc pdf rtf

with thanks to Jack Rinella

4. 128 Basic slave Rules

Might seem extreme, but it's a fun place to see what you're comfortable with. Thanks to JKtheWolf.

5. A Sample Petition for Consideration doc pdf rtf

6. Sample Contracts doc pdf rtf

7. A detailed questionnaire for slave-applicants doc pdf rtf

8. Protocol Primer rtf

9. Draft Protocol Manual doc pdf rtf

10. Slave Positions doc pdf rtf

11. A_Submissive's_Needs pdf

C. Learning About Each Othr

1. The Psycho-Socio-Sexual Matrix doc pdf rtf
A snapshot of the elements that comprise our sexuality.

2. Attachment Theory and the Kink Lifestyle doc   pdf   rtf  

3. Attachment Types Questionnaire doc   pdf   rtf  

4. The Accessibility, Responsiveness, Engagement Questionnaire doc   pdf   rtf  

5. Expectation Matrix - Building Trust through Communication doc pdf rtf

D. Other Useful Things

1. Sample Cohabitation Agreement doc  pdf  rtf 

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