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Comparing BDSM play, Swinging, Master/slave relationships and Poly

Tops give sensation,
Bottoms receive
Usually scene-based, usually 1 - 3 hoursUsually also done in a few hours
Involves fetish activities, e.g. flogging, bondage.
Might involve sex, but less important
It's all about the sex!
Consent is critical for all aspectsConsent still critical, but focused on sex
Idealy, negotiation is extensive due to the danger of mental or physical injury. Often done over several hoursMinimal negotiation, often immediately before play
Most involve a "relationship" and/or commitment and many are long-term or on-goingMostly one-night acquaintances, though some couples prefer to have friendships with play partners

BDSM PlayMaster/slave or Dominant/submissive
"Power exchange" occurs during a scene"Authority exchange" applies to all the time partners are interacting
Trust is built around safety and comfortTrust takes longer for the slave/sub to give up decision-making (e.g. clothing,food) and the Master/Dom to assume responsibility for the care and well-being
More often brief or ongoing encounters, though can be LTRAlways strive for long-term commitments
Usually in-personMany are long-distance, although the ideal is living together.
Switching is common where Top/Bottom roles are reversedSwithcing is very rare, although Masters might direct their slaves to give them sensations they enjoy, e.g. flogging

Capable of loving many
Commitments are between couplesCommitments are between multiple partners
Any sexual activities outside the couple are usually secret and considered "cheating" All partners are informed when one is attracted to someone outside the group, thus "transparent"
The uninvolved partners usually experience jealousy The ideal is for partners to feel "compersion" - the joy of knowing a loved one is enjoying themselves
Typically a life-time commitment, e.g. marriage More awareness that our needs change over time and thus relationships might end, preferably without hurt feelings


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