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Explore your sexuality in an intimate, friendly environment
Booking Space for Private Play or Your Own Events

We're delighted to provide space for you.

Cleaning Precautions
Rates for Longer Stays

Please note that this is not a for-profit enterprise. We only hope to cover expenses. Anything left over goes toward events and maintaining/improving the venue.

Space is provided on the understanding that it will be left in the same condition that you found it, so plan on enough time for cleanup.

Plans change. Cancellations 24+ hours in advance are fine. For same-day cancellations let me know asap and if the heat or air conditioning has been turned on, kick in an extra $10 the next time you use a room. It's an honour system so we don't keep track.

For up to 4 people, the donation is $25 an hour. Quarter and half hours are fine. Overnight after a session or party is also an option at $20 per person. Please see the Rates for Longer Stays at the bottom of this page.

For BDSM parties or groups over 4 people, it's generally $20 per attendee, but it needs discussion if the donation drops below $25 per hour.

Included is free pop and spring water, towels/laundry, condoms, lube, gloves, and cleaning supplies as well as all consumables like toilet paper.

For swinger events and gangbangs, it's usually $25 per person because of the additional setup, cleanup and laundry required (free beverages, but no other food provided). Again, the minimum is $25 per hour.

Event organizers can charge more to cover their expenses, food, etc.

It's always difficult to predict attendance for events, so rather than providing space for a set amount like you would at a rental hall, we're fine with a per-head amount paid after the event.

Please do not attend if you, or anyone your have been in contact with, have experienced any flu-like symptoms in the 14 days prior to their booking.

To preview the rooms, look here.

Consult the Booking Calendar (from dropdown menu once you're logged in or a link we can send you) to ensure your preferred time is available. There will be a minimum of 30 minutes between bookings in the same space.

The downstairs and the garage are available for booking. If you want the garage you will usually have free access to the downstairs washroom.

There will be no contact with Lord Braven or Little Minx, except by text/phone and no access to the main floor unless there is a medical emergency or immediate threat to guest safety (including but not limited to fire, assault, choking, heart attacks, etc.)

Preferably, payment will be by e-interac to If on-line transfer is not possible, put cash in an envelope with your name and place in the cardboard box in the laundry room or the glass bowl by the door in the garage.

Bookings will be taken only by text to Lord Braven (604-839-6467)

The hot tub will NOT be available.

Furniture items can be moved so long as you move them back.

The Sybian is available for $15 during a session or $50 overnight. Arrange for it ahead of time as it's stored upstairs.

At the moment, only a few days notice is usually sufficient. We try to accommodate last-minute bookings, which is why we provide a link to view our calendar on this site so you can see for yourself what spaces are being used. Please note that we can't accept same-day bookings.

When you book, specify which room(s) you'd like to use and the start/end times.

You can move things around so long as you return them to where you found them.

We have racks of public toys in three play spaces that you're welcome to use.

There's a full bathroom downstairs with a bathtub/shower. Water sports are fine. Other uses are possible with discussion, e.g. drowning or scat play.

Every space has spray bottles and paper towels as well as lube and condoms. The main dungeon has first aid and safety equipment, including an AED and fire extinguisher. The garage has a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Cleanup is the central issue - plan ahead for blood, sperm, etc. and use towels, sheets or drop sheets as appropriate. We have all of these available and we'll do the laundry. Plastic sheets are in the bottom drawer of the dresser in the hallway downstairs and in the garage are on the shelves near the stereo.

Dirty laundry goes into the hamper in the bathroom or laundry basket in the garage.

Fresh towels are either in the play rooms and/or under the sink in the downstairs bathroom. If extra clean sheets and pillowcases are needed, there's a linen closet in the school room.

You come in downstairs via the basement or go directly to the garage. We work from home, so we're usually here. If not, we'll leave a key for you so you can come and go without any need for interaction with us. The same key opens the basement and garage.

Heat or A/C and lights will be on, so proceed to the room and do your thing.

Wipe down any furniture and public toys (except leather) you used with the Cavicide.

Cleaning Precautions

  1. You will find a spray bottle of Cavicide disinfectant and a roll of paper towels in every room. Proper use on everything except leather includes:
    1. wipe off any fluids (sweat, body oils, etc.);
    2. use a very light spray;
    3. wait two minutes – CRITICAL!!!
    4. wipe off
    5. avoid getting on skin
    6. leather is just wiped with a water-moistened paper towel

  2. Preparation for a session is at your discretion and may include:
    1. spraying everything that you expect to come in contact with;
    2. putting a sheet/pillow cases on the mattress (available in all rooms). Note: bring your own blanket if needed. Sheets and pillow cases will be in each room, but it you need more, the linen closet is in the School Room.

  3. Cleaning up after a session will include:
    1. placing used sheets and towels into the hamper (downstairs washroom) or laundry basket (garage)
    2. lightly spraying with Cavicide all equipment and other surfaces (except leather) that have been touched and wiping down surfaces after two minutes.
    3. DO NOT use Cavicide on leather. Simply wipe down with a water-moistened paper towel.

    If there aren't people coming after you, you would turn off the lights, sound, and heat and then lock all doors on your way out.

    I'll gladly answer any other questions you have.

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      The Calendar is available from the dropdown menu anytime after you sign on and create a profile.

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      Braven Manor Booking Rates for Longer Stays

      $25/hour for the first three hours
      $20/hour for hours 3-6

      For 6 hrs it's $135. That is now the daily maximum, i.e. time spent after 6 hours is free.

      Overnights are $20 per person. Check-in is 5 p.m. and check-out is 10 a.m.

      Overnight special: From 5 p.m. - 10 a.m.: $150 for a couple. Additional folks are the usual $20 per person.


      1. If you started play at 12 noon and stayed overnight till 10 a.m.:

      Regular play hours: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm @ $25/hour = $ 75
      Discount play hrs: 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. @ 20/hour = $ 40
      Overnight special: = $150
      Total = $265
      2. If in addition you stayed the next day, leaving at 10 a.m. on the second day:

      First day: = $265
      Second day play 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. = $135 (daily maximum)
      Second overnight (5 p.m. to 10 a.m.) = $150
      Total = $550

      Additional discounts:

      $800 - $1000 - 15% discount
      $1000+ - 20% discount

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      Revised October 2022

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