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October 07, 2023 Entered by Lord Braven

Retraction of the open letter and apology to Lord Braven

We write this open letter to the Vancouver kink community to retract and apologize for our role in the open letter issued by the Metro Vancouver Kink Board of Directors (the "Board") July 12, 2017.

The Board published that letter in response to unsubstantiated claims arising out of an online post in December 2076 and subsequent turmoil within our community. We take allegations of wrongdoing in our community seriously. However, we also acknowledge that an accused's right to know the accusations against him and respond accordingly are just as important. Lord Braven was not given that opportunity prior to the publication of the open letter.

For clarity, there has been no wrongdoing proven against Lord Braven. We acknowledge that the so-called admissions in our open letter were also construed too broadly and that Lord Braven did not make those admissions. indeed, as noted in our open letter, Lord Braven has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Without complete evidence before us, it was wrong for the MVK Board to comment on the safety of Braven Manor and to publicly ostracize Lord Braven. We expressly retract those comments. Moving forward, we will endeavour to be more cautious before making accusations against a member of our community.

We are aware that our open letter harmed Lord Braven's reputation and we sincerely apologize for that harm. We hope that this retraction and apology somewhat mitigate the harm caused. We look forward to working with both Lord Braven and the community generally to ensure that our community remains safe for everyone.



(from 2 of 10 defendants)


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